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It downloaded and once I tried to start it

I still can't get this to pso2 sales work on my PC and used to perform the JP version constantly until that weird mad windows upgrade came along and awakened a lot of people's computers.

Steam tried another week and still ran into difficulties. Even the service team on discord was perplexed as to what exactly was occurring.

I've troubleshooted everything once I was and I would find a error. I troubleshooted that up until the stage I deleted everything (tweaker, PSO2) and tried a new install. Got the same matter.

I've tried to install Microsoft and that has been a nightmare. It would not start for the life of me. I even had the help staff from ARKS -Twist discord scratching their heads wondering why everything we've tried didn't work.

And on steam, It downloaded and once I tried to start it, it's just the little photo of PSO2 that pops up and just freezes.

My pc is not old (I built it about 4 years ago) and it's used for video editing. Idk I am just drawing a blank

Hey I had that problem on my PC. I ended up performing a factory reset and then letting it update and everything works great now. Probably there. If you do not mind reinstalling your applications and can back up your private files

If your windows 10 there's a real factory reset option where you won't have to whatever or key. It is rather simple to initiate. I googled factory reset windows when I did it. Fantastic luck

Was it a system restore After you backed up your documents? And then once you're done reinstalling you just hit restore?

No I started fresh. No system restore. Much like a format of this is push. Pictures files save files all went in an HDD. I flashed the games I'd before resetting windows. This is only because I have files on am HDD windows in an SSD and matches on a HDD. If your games are on your os drive then I think you may not need to do this. Remember to backup your game files I think those are largely different from the cheap PSO2 Meseta setup for many games.