Most games which operate on unreal has very good gameplay


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Most games which operate on unreal has very good gameplay, don't think PES devs don't see fans whining. I will be Madden 21 coins prepared to generate a change in a heartbeat if PES brand new gameplay provides a realistic, fun and fluid encounter. But MyTeam is even worse compared to FUT concerning P2W and content. With larger player base they can enhance faster IMO. What incentive would that be? People have a tendency to forget that PES is published by Konami who are even scummier shils compared to EA themselves... Nevertheless a little competition for EA would always be more rewarding for its players.

In an ideal world perhaps, doubt EA would care. They have their market of whales who spend tens of thousands every year and casuals who buy it just because. I wouldn't be surprised if in the following years we receive a"free" version of FUT with intense P2W elements, kind of like the one that PES releases every year. The PES comment is absolute shite though. As long as EA has licences and PES does not, FIFA will always outsell PES with a landslide. I really don't want to play as Manchester red, in the euro cup. Everyone was saying pes will require over every season and it doesn't. You're posting on a fifa subreddit, maybe not a pes. This proving that fifa is not moving anywhere.

I expect them to push for more licenses, they will have a full year before PES 22 comes out to perform it. I never believed PES was taking over in the years before as they maintained using the same engine but today with unreal motor and EA being even increasingly unsatisfactory annually there's a really good possibility it occurs. In addition, the fact im post here doesn't establish anything, I havent played this game for weeks before a couple of days back and from what I see here it seems like 50 percent doesnt even play fifa tbh. PES has its share of issues too, particularly this year, but this is the 1 complaint I always see from FIFA players who makes no sense. Say you dont want PES due to gameplay issues, because it doesnt have League 1 and 2, because it doesnt have as many teams, whatever, all untrue reasons - but the licencing this is a poor excuse. There are patches for PC and PS4 which take literally 10 minutes to set up, and you've got every team name, and kits that often seem better than the licenced ones.

Everyone points out the missing licensing yet practically everyone is playing with their own custom made club in FUT where licensing doesn't matter. I get that problem for CM gamers but still you could download some community data packs and call it a day. Maybe now they are giving the real review rating. It's gonna be the exact same old song and dance like it now was for five decades. The first release will feel good then by Christmas the game gets patched into soggy crap. Bro FIFA has not addressed the exact same formation glitches in like two installments of the match, and buy Mut 21 coins we JUST got a card organization strategy worth anything. Been playing FIFA since my Sega Genesis. This is my very first time I am opting out.

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